Crafting, curating, and caring -- it's what we do.

Who doesn't like a good drink? Every month celebrity chef Marlon Alexander concocts a signature creation that we use as inspiration for the box that will come to your door. We curate all things cocktail -- glassware, artisan bar accessories, coasters, craft elixirs, bitters, and garnishes to pair perfectly with your box of the month. We care about your satisfaction -- just like a great meal, an excellent cocktail is an experience too! 


Meet our team

Chef Marlon Alexander

All of Chef Marlon Alexander's  best moments in life are centered around food. His love affair with  cuisine began shortly after a night out in Southern California’s trendy,  upbeat Belmont Shores neighborhood. A chance encounter with a  delectable braised short rib dish sealed the deal and he has been cooking ever since. Fast-forwarding years later, Chef  Marlon Alexander has refined the dish that began his passion for cooking. His braised short ribs with red wine reduction, Swiss chard,  and polenta has been enjoyed worldwide. Chef Marlon Alexander’s short  ribs have been served and appreciated by everyone from his elite private  chef clientele to a former President of the United States. In between  his courtship with food on the upscale streets of Southern California,  Chef Marlon Alexander attended culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu, and  continues to love making people smile, enjoy, and appreciate the love  and artistry Chef Marlon Alexander puts into each and every one of his  culinary creations.  

Aaron Jura

Aaron is also a California native now living in New Orleans, LA. Yes, the Big Easy! Living in New Orleans makes him an expert at enjoying a cocktail every now and then. Aaron’s favorite drink is the Old Fashioned: Rye Whiskey, 2 dashes Angostura bitters, 1 Sugar cube, Few dashes plain water. Yum! Aaron works with the amazing vendors we feature each month in the box; ensuring that your curated cocktail of the month is an exceptional experience all the way around. Aaron works on the website (it’s weird writing in third person) and also works as an English teacher in New Orleans.  

Favorite Quote:  

“My own experience has been that the tools I need for my trade are paper, tobacco, food, and a little whisky.” 

William Faulkner

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