Suits your needs

Boxes are curated monthly and artisan products are sourced to ensure you always receive high-quality monthly deliveries. Subscriptions are month to month and you can cancel or skip a box at anytime. Save money by prepaying for your subscription.

Each kit includes enough product to produce about 12 cocktails.

Subscriptions available as low as $38 a month


Mixology Masterclass

Subscribers will receive access to monthly masterclass videos on mixology. Scan the QR Code inside your box to access this content. Chef Marlon Alexander and friends will show you how to create the curated creation of the month with flair and artistry.

Join today, and within a few days you will receive your first video preview and shopping list for our next box.


Why is there no alcohol in the box?

This is our most commonly asked question. Due to strict alcohol distribution laws in the United States, we cannot legally ship you alcohol. We look terrible in orange jumpsuits. 

A #spoileralert email will be sent at shipment with a special video showing how to shop for that month's alcohol selection. 

How It Works

1. Set your preferences

We have a subscription for everyone! Pick the one that's best for you. Yes, we even offer gift subscriptions.  

2. We curate your box 

Based on our monthly theme we will curate, skillfully pack, and ship your cocktail kit directly to you. We notify you a few days before shipment of the liquor list for the month.

3. Learn & Enjoy

When the box arrives open it up, watch the video mixology lesson, add the alcohol, and enjoy a fresh signature cocktail!  

What's Inside?

#nospoilershere -- Inside our Spirit Savant boxes you will unpack all you need to create a resort-quality, celebrity-chef curated cocktail from home. With Spirit Savant, every hour is happy hour.

Monthly curated products will include a mix of:

Artisan Glassware, Curated Coasters, Craft Mixers, Elixirs, and Bitters, Glorious Garnishes, Professional Grade Bar Accessories, and Special Surprises

Here's a sneak peak 

of some items included in a recent Spirit Savant cocktail box

Are you ready to subscribe to Spirit Savant?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the Spirit Savant box?

Each box includes high-end, artisan crafted items to create a resort-quality signature cocktail. We provide glassware, coasters, craft elixirs, bitters, tonics, sodas, garnishes, and more. Professional grade bar accessories are also included to ensure you create something special at-home for years to come. Most importantly, you will receive access to a secret Mixology Masterclass with celebrity-chef Marlon Alexander.

How does it work?

It’s simple. You sign up for a Spirit Savant subscription that meets your needs. On the first of the month you receive an email with a secret video on spirit selection and you go shopping. By the end of the week, you will receive your curated cocktail in a box by mail. Watch the mixology masterclass video of the month with Chef Marlon Alexander and voila – you have just learned and created the resort-quality cocktail of the month.

How are the boxes priced?

You will receive a high-end curated cocktail kit in the mail. Shipping is FREE in the United States. Subscription plans start at $38 a month for pre-paid, discounted subscribers and $45 for the month-to-month subscriber. Gift subscriptions are also available. Each box will make about 12 cocktails – so you are getting all of that AND a great price too! You are going to be extremely satisfied. You will receive a curated box filled with the items needed to create the signature cocktail of the month. You will receive a 6-page introduction to that month’s cocktail and the products featured in your box. We provide you with a box full of value. Also, consider gift giving – all you need is the recipient's email and we will notify them about your amazing gift! Gift recipients will log in and input their shipping information.

What about if I want to break-up with Spirit Savant?

Don't leave us! Month to month subscribers can leave at anytime. Members have 24/7 access to cancel or postpone a box prior to our subscription charge date on the 1st of each month. We guarantee that our customers will be satisfied and encourage you to contact us and rate our products. We love to hear from customers.

Why does it not come with the liquor? 

This is definitely the most commonly asked question. There are many reasons to not include liquor in the box. The main reason we do not provide the liquor is that in the United States it is difficult and expensive to ship alcohol. Due to restrictive laws in a number of states, including alcohol would mean people in a number of states couldn’t enjoy our products. Another reason is that we want you to apply your selection skills and select a liquor that best suits you. In our box preview emails, you will receive a secret video (shhhh...) that teaches you the do’s and don’ts of liquor selection based upon that month’s craft creation.

When will I get my first box? 

We assemble and ship all boxes that were purchased in any given month the first consecutive Monday–Wednesday of the following month (e.g., if you placed your order any time in October, your box will ship the week of the first Monday in November). We ship via USPS Priority Mail (1–3 days), so your box should reach you by the end of that week. 

Additional FAQ's can be found on the link below or you can always contact us for a quick answer.